Wednesday, November 10, 2004

subway antics

Someone I haven't spoken to in ages pulls out an email I sent to her two years ago and sends it to me for kicks.

> > I just got to work a few minutes ago, and the funniest thing happened to
>me on the subway. I had a forward facing window seat and I'm just stoned
>out totaly asleep. I had my newspaper and my bagle snugged in between my
>leg and the window. All the sudden I wake up and I see this arm reached
>across me. The woman sitting beside me was trying to steal my newspaper
>while I was asleep! So I give her this dirty look and all these people are
>staring at us - and she just grins and continues to take my newspaper! I
>mean I was done with it, so I didn't try to take it back, but I just
>couldn't belive it was happening!

My memory still drags this out at random times.


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